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For organizations needing comparability data for new Form 990 filings, ERI offers multiple options: ERI's Nonprofit Comparables Assessor and ERI Salary Surveys' All Nonprofits Salary Survey report. Create a library with these 2 different survey sources.

Two paths to safety For large organizations, there are two paths to safety. For smaller organizations, see below.
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Compensation shown for 33 management positions reflects organizations of $1 million in revenue. Also displayed are 660 other representative jobs found in nonprofits. Nonprofit salary survey sources are described at right.

Levels reported are conservative. Executive levels (NTEE code = 000) are for the intermediate sanctions safe harbor maximum of $1 million revenue and do not differentiate by industry; see Salary Expert's Executive Compensation Report for more refined analyses. For larger nonprofit organizations' executive pay analyses, see ERI's Nonprofit Comparables Assessor™ software. Creation of a rebuttable presumption of reasonableness allows for the use of both taxable and tax-exempt comparable organizations' salary data. Again, the above Nonprofit Salary Calculator estimates are for small organizations.
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ERI's Nonprofit Salary Survey Assessor

ERI makes its library of tax-exempt organizations IRS Form 990 financial reports available to the public through the search engine above.

In addition, it incorporates these executive compensation reports into its new Nonprofit Comparables Assessor software. This executive pay software reports reasonable compensation levels for top management in nonprofits. Available on an annual subscription basis, this program enables users to make unlimited executive compensation analyses reports in-house, using comparable organizations of their choosing.

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Methodology: ERI optically scans over 850,000
Form 990/PFs/EZs annually, with over 500,000 containing compensation data, from publicly available data (that can be reviewed above). This creates the largest executive compensation survey known. Analyses by 633 NTEE "industry" groupings, further defined by area (state/territory,
county/district, city, postal code), year, and organization size (assets, grants, revenues and expenses) are available. US Form 990, Charity Commission, and Canadian (as charities report across boundaries) pay levels are conservative. Likewise, data leased by ERI from national sources (Statistics Canada, UK National Statistics, US OES) are conservative (lower than Assessor Series values from the compensation software described at the right).
Compensation Data

For Watch Dog Organizations! Unique $19 report provides extracts of a database of 525,000 US foundations and charities reporting payment of compensation to officers, directors, and contractors.

Compensation Software
Set competitive salary levels based on reliable labor market data.

Nonprofit Comparables Assessor™ Tax-Exempt Survey Software: Analyze nonprofit executives' salaries. Adjust data by industry and organization size (revenue or asssets).

Executive Compensation Assessor® Survey Software: Analyze for-profit executive pay data by industry, location, organization size (revenue, assets, or employees), pay strategy, and salary planning date. Access data from ERI's surveys and scanned extracts of US SEC, Canadian SEDAR, and UK/EU annual reports.

Salary Assessor® Salary Survey: Analyze competitive salaries and bonuses for over 5,000 jobs. Adjust data by industry, location, and date.

Geographic Assessor® Wage Survey: Design branch office salary structures that are fair and competitive.

UK and EU Remuneration Data: Access salary and cost-of-living data for the UK and Europe.

Relocation Assessor® Cost-of-Living Survey Software: Calculate employee relocation allowances for over 10,000 locations worldwide.

Occupational Assessor® Software: Set nonprofit salaries based on internal equity using ERI's job analysis software.

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